The Community Trade Hub (CTH) is a company Limited by Guarantee based within the Levenmouth area of Fife. The Levenmouth (local authority committee) area has a population of approx. 37,100 and is a highly income (19%) and employment (17.1%) deprived area in relation to the rest of Fife and Scotland. The core aims of the CTH is to reduce barriers to employment and provide equal opportunities to all with easy access to practical training and employability support to those interested in the Construction Trades sector as a route to employment, self-employment and self-improvement. Community Trade Hub will support individuals, the general public, trade contractors, the trade business supply chain, young people in and out of education and the employability referral and support agencies through a number of ways which will bring a sense of pride back into the community.

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  • Kenneth McAllister

    Kenneth McAllister

    Founding Director

  • Gary Grant

    Gary Grant


  • Louise Gibson

    Louise Gibson




    We have a group of experienced volunteers with a variety of skills who contribute to Community Trade Hub's services.

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    Employers Supported

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