Vision & Aims

Community Trade Hub will be a training facility based in the Levenmouth area where everyone in the community has the opportunity to learn, grow & prosper – changing lives for the better.

 Where does your career path lead to?

We can help guide you along the way 



Ensure that the local community have a pool of trusted tradespeople where they are accessible & affordable

Create a space where the community can come together to help relieve social isolation, where there is a togetherness and pride in the community

Reduce the stress felt by school leavers by providing young people with the opportunity to try a skill before they commit to it

Give school pupils a chance to learn & understand the trade sector as an option for a career path

Commit to providing opportunities for people facing challenges or barriers in getting into work and engage with stakeholders to help create a diverse, skilled and equal labour market


Provide employment, increasing the number of opportunities and access to jobs across the county

Reduce unemployment by teaching self-discipline and good work ethic, increase longevity

Attract customers from outside of Levenmouth to the area

Provide young people with an alternative to further education or unemployment

Support, train & guide those that want to start on their own business venture

Increase the number of qualified tradespeople to the area

Help those on low incomes save money by learning the skill sets required to carry out work at home or to have the option to get a larger job carried out by our Academy apprentices at a reduced rate

Bid for large contracts within Fife with profits going back to community projects

Commit to providing a living wage


Re-use materials where possible (B&Q Reuse & other providers)

Recycle materials that cannot be reused

To buy and use recycled materials where possible

Reduce the usage of water, electricity, gas etc by providing energy efficient appliances