Has achieved a BSC (Bachelor of Science) degree in Criminology and a MA (Master of Arts) degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Throughout 4 years of study, he has extensively looked in areas of offender management in Criminal Justice, Youth Crime and Justice, Rehabilitative and restorative justice, safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults, drug and alcohol misuse and both quantitative and qualitative research.


During Liam’s time at university he experienced a two day work experience within holme house prison, Stockton. Working alongside the prison wardens it gave Liam a great insight into the kind of help being offered to individuals as rehabilitation to ensure that the chances of them hopefully resolving their life issues are high. Giving an individual who may not have had the best education or experiences a chance to get qualifications or training; ensures the individual has the opportunity to achieve a different life on the outside.


During Liam’s time within fleet recruitment, he experienced working with numerous different partners including training partners, company directors, brand specialist marketers and fellow recruiters working alongside the partnerships. Throughout his time there, he has also engaged in Face to face interviews, Job fairs and networking events with all of the above to try and ensure KPI’s and targets were met. Liam worked with a wide range of clients including young adults who had little to no experience and ex-offenders looking for training or apprenticeship work.